Midori is a lightweight web browser.


+ Improve -moz-document parsing in user stylesheets
+ Render verified secure sites in green, not yellow
+ Version details for extensions built against a different release
+ More detailed and more condensed about:version output
+ Refresh missing speed dial thumbnails automatically
+ Use faster global CSS mechanism for adblock and addons
+ Show crash dialog only if there’s a session
+ Don’t complete on a leading space or search token
+ Support user stylesheets on about: and file:// locations
+ Implement ‘Always use my font choices’ preferences
+ Allow smaller tabs when close buttons are disabled
+ Merge ‘Closed Tabs’ with ‘History’ in Clear Private Data
+ Correctly use user-home and bookmark-new icon names
+ Use versioned file speeddial-head-0.4.2.html
+ Split proxy server preference into host and port
+ Support localized ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links
+ Implement ‘Only accept cookies cookies from sites you visit’
+ Fix crash in Add/ Import Bookmark feature
+ Fix size of tabs with GTK+ 3
+ Detect existing Firefox profiles for bookmark import
+ Work-around “omg!” in local directory browsing
+ Rework ‘–run’ feature to allow window.open() and console.info()
+ Automatically clear finnished downloads from the transferbar
+ Add ‘Create desktop shortcut’ to the app menu
+ Require GLib 2.22 and libSoup 2.27.90
+ Don’t register recent files in private browsing mode
+ Findbar and speed dial honor close button position
+ Use sqlite3-based backend for cookie storage
+ Make ‘–snapshot’ create png images with GTK+ 2.20
+ Automatically resizing, embossed speed dial, close on hover