Midori is a lightweight web browser.


+ Implement about:widgets to test rendering
+ Fix resizing of inspector by applying a minimum size
+ Use dark theme with GTK+ 3 in private browsing
+ Use channel-(in)secure-symbolic icons if available
+ Use .security-(un)trusted classes with GTK+
+ Improve notebook resizing peformance
+ Fix tab icons in GTK+3 and don’t look for GTK+ jscore
+ Use system-wide CA file with libSoup 2.37.1
+ Improve cookie manager performance
+ Action and tab creation for faster startup
+ Fix number of items in trash in private browsing
+ Add Cairo version to about:version
+ Add X-GNOME-Keywords and X-AppInstall-Keywords to .desktop
+ Add easy privacy list to default Adblock filters
+ Fully implement speed dial for GTK+3
+ Disable box shadows with WebKitGTK+ 1.2.7
+ Fine-grained monospace font overriding
+ Implement resizing of Location and Search in toolbar
+ Don’t show empty speed dial shortcuts in-between
+ Use Midori’s name in midori-private.desktop
+ Hide all bars in fullscreen and a menu to Unfullscreen