EvilDragon already posts quite frequent about the latest Pandora happenings, so did he recently with more fresh information!


What? Another blog post? And still no pictures of the finished case?

Well… yes. but I thought you might be interested in the (good this time!) news we have.
ALL the moulds are finished now! They are currently doing a test injection (we should be getting the results tonight or tomorrow).

If the injection is fine, they’ll ship the sample case via express to Michael. And if he says “Yep, that’s what we want!” they’ll immediately start producing.

And now here’s our special deal: After talking with them, threatening their life and bribing them with more money the Gizmondo guys ever spent… ahem. Well, anyway, they agreed to start immediately and finish 1000 cases until December 1st!

The rest will follow shortly after, but this would mean we can start mass production as planned early december.

Okay, cross your fingers, pray to the mould injection gods and wait for some new pictures!