One More Music Player Client is a music player by Coder_TimT.

Release notes:

I’m hoping Ommpc is ready for public consumption and so here it is. For those unfamiliar with it’s gp2x roots, ommpc is an MPD client packaged with a standalone version of MPD. It will also just work as a client if you already have MPD installed and running. Here’s a quick rundown of features…

1. Front end to mpd
Plays most major formats
Can be detached from player daemon to play in background.
Gapless playback

2. Music Library
Browse by Artist, Album, Genre, Filesystem
Filter(search) each view

3. Playlist oriented
Everything plays in a playlist
Create recursive playlist from Artist/Album/Genre/subdirectory
Random playlist-picks 50 songs at random from the library
Save and load playlists
Simple playlist editing…add/remove/move
Just a m3u playlist, so can be created elsewhere also
Create “queue” inside of current playlist of songs to play next either from library or song currently in playlist.

4. Bookmark location in long audio file
5. Instant seeking
ime/speed sensitive FF/RW. As you FF/RW for a longer period of time the speed at which it FF/RW increases up to 32x.
Instant jump via click/touch of progress bar.
This is kind of a given compared to the desktop clients we have, but was a big deal in the gp2x version…

6. Random and Repeat modes
Picks random song from current playlist
Repeats current playlist

7. Touchscreen/game control/keyboard friendly
Fully configurable controls for keyboard and game controls
Multiple key bindings for each action…so play can be bound to ‘p’, Enter, and the ‘B’ button.
Onscreen player controls in now playing screen
Touch/Mouse control of volume/rpt/random/seek bar
Simple Touch/Mouse gestures for scrolling and back/forward while browsing library

8. Now playing screen with controls
Displays album art and song information
Controls available by touch/mouse

9. UTF-8 Internationalization.
Have French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, and Japanese(the later two as separate downloads since they are sizeable)
Other translations welcome.

In the archive, ready to be downloaded… Let me know things go for you here…