PandaBAS is a Pandora port of the SpecBAS BASIC interpreter. Based on Sinclair BASIC, but allowing the user to take advantage of more modern hardware – 8bit graphics, sound samples/mod/mp3 etc, with a much more advanced graphics and windowing system.

Release notes:

SCALE to PRINT and TEXT. PRINT SCALE 2,2;”Hi!” will display 2x text size. SCALE 2,3 will do 2x width and 3x height
MATRIX maths with the MAT command from the original Dartmouth spec. Add, sub, mul, scale, inversion, identities etc
BIN from Sinclair BASIC makes an entrance. Pointless (use the % symbol to denote binary) but included for completeness
Dynamic array allocation – DIM a() – note the empty brackets, then just use it. Elements are added as they are written to the array in the positions you choose
Factorial operator – PRINT 3! displays 6. High priority. PRINT 2+3! shows 8, as does PRINT 3!+2
LCM(a,b) and GCD(a,b) functions – Lowest common multiple and greatest common divisor.

SPRITEw and SPRITEh had their parameters swapped
MESSAGEBOX froze the screen when a key was held down
PRINT on its own didn’t issue a carriage return
A silly bug in command history after NEW
An issue with ENDIF triggering a segfault when used in certain conditions
Bug in NEW caused by the associative array hash tables
SUB (as in GO SUB) caused issues when loading