PanDebian is a system for making Pandora’s Angström and Debian play together. It is not a dual-boot but a chroot; other terms include “extend” or “overlay”. It will install a debootstrap-generated chroot of Debian to a loopback file or ext{2,3}-formatted SD card and give you direct access to it (no additional X11 instance, no separate window manager). It has a simple (albeit long, multi-step) installer, and once installed it presents itself as a PND launcher, which loads a menu in the upper-left-hand corner (provided by lxpanel) to access Debian’s menu.


As of version 0.3.0 I am maintaining PanDebian on BitBucket.
Updated debootstrap to 1.0.32, added wheezy as a Debian version option (untested).
Made the installer support an update mode, to update all the PanDebian files without doing a full reinstall.
Linked /var/run/ppp to the host’s /var/run/ppp.