The Pandora is comming closer and closer to a release. This also requires the device to pass the CE tests. So here are some fresh news, directly from the source.


Hiya folks!

I guess you’ve been waiting for me to post, eh? Looks like it, browsing the boards 😉

We just did some CE (EMV) measurements today. First, we have some pics for you which show some of the testing setup and site.

Now, onto some test results, shall we?

Well, the tests went good so far, we have peaks that shouldn’t be there. BUT the guy who did the test was really nice and helped me to find out what caused those peaks. And it’s a pretty simple thing: The LCD Ribbon cable needs to be shielded. So the BOARDS are fine, we can start mass production 🙂 The only thing we need to do is shielding the ribbon cable, and that’s it. Since the cable is not part of the boards, it doesn’t affect the board production. Craig was basically right when he said our friend metal tape would help here. 😉 (okay, it’s not THAT easy, but there are various shields for ribbon cables out there ;))

Another interesting thing is what he did tell me about FCC.
According to him, we don’t even need FCC. FCC is only for radio devices (like wireless microphones, etc.), but not stuff like computers or gaming devices like ours here. They’re running an FCC certified testing site, so they should know.
I’m gonna find out more about it, but it seems to be true – I did check my mobile phone, some gaming devices, etc. They don’t have any FCC sign on there. And the REAL certified devices have the certificate number beneath the FCC symbol. Everything else isn’t really certified… so check out your devices. If there’s just something like “FCC Approved”, it’s no certification…

Good thing, eh? 🙂

Anyways, I’m getting the exact testing results tomorrow as PDF (I got them as printed copy, but I don’t want to scan all in), so I’ll post more details about that in the next days.