EvilDragon of the Pandora dev team released a wip version of the second hotfix pack for the Pandora.

Release notes:

I just finished packing up HotFix Pack 2 for our current OS. I tested it and it works fine for me – but before releasing it to the public, I want some more guys to test it out 🙂 So please be aware to NOT TRY THIS OUT UNLESS YOU ARE AWARE YOU MIGHT NEED TO REFLASH YOUR UNIT IN CASE SOMETHING GOES WRONG! (unlikely, but you never know).

HotFix 2 also includes all fixes from Hotfix 1, so there’s not need to install HotFix 1 on a freshly installed OS.

To install, put the PND-File into /pandora/menu on your SD Card and run the pack from the System-Menu. After it has been installed, you can delete the PND from the card.

Please let me know if everything works. The following things are included in the pack:

Hotfix 1:
* Kernel: Fixed a bug that caused the Linux Systemtimer to halt sometimes
* Included missing packages: python-shell_2.6.4, python-pygtk_2.16.0, python-pycairo_1.4.0, gnome-vfs-plugin-http_2.24.1, gnome-vfs-plugin-ftp_2.24.1

Hotfix 2:
* Bluetooth: Disabling and restoring state on startup now working properly
* XFCE4: When switching from MiniMenu to XFCE4, the settings are now properly loaded
* Brightness-State: When shutting down, a brightness level of 0 is not saved
* MiniMenu: Fixed caching and closed a memory leak
* WiFi: LEDs now working
* Kernel: Video: don’t force waiting for refresh
* MiniMenu: XFCE4-Apps now included in MiniMenu
* Automount: SD Cards are now mounted with noatime and umask 0 so that all users can access the cards properly. Added lazy unmount.
* New: Boost, Lua5.1 and Evince
* New: Script to change the LCD refresh rate from 50 / 60 Hz (ideal for emulators)
* Some typo fixes and general tweaks