EvilDragon of the Pandora development team released the final fourth Hotfix pack for the Pandora.


* Kernel: Added Bluetooth patch by urjaman. PAN (bluetooth internet connections) work fine now.
* WiFi: Fixed the problem where you could not reconnect after you lost a connections
* xf86-video-omapfb: add pandora specific screen blanking
* Nub Mousebuttons: Moving down is now middle mousebuttons. Recognition of mouseclicks with the nub has been enhanced (patch by urjaman)
* Pandora-Scripts: The internal scripts (CPU-Speed, Startup-Manager, etc.) have icons now.
* Pandora-Scripts: Added simple TV-Out script.
* Lid: Opening / Closing will not affect the powersave mode anymore.
* Enhanced brightness scripts (made the more linear)
* Powersave mode: Fixed the CPU Speed setting
* pnd_run: Added support for clockspeed setting
* libpnd: Support spaces in pathnames and PND-Names.
* Updated to a more recent XFCE4-Version
* First-Run-Wizard and Time / Date script: Fixed bug of not-appearing calendar
* New default config for vim (thanks to Nils Kneuper (Ivanovic))
* Python: Added python-misc and python-modules
* New lib: libaudiofile0 now included
* MiniMenu: New config dialogue included (will be improved in the future)
* udev 151: add rule to reserve fb2
* Leds: Fix TWL4030 PWM LED driver (thanks to Urja Rannikko)
* Pandora misc: HACK to change OPP level according to set mhz (thanks to Urja Rannikko) + OPP limiter added (by notaz)
* OMAP: DSS2: make filter coefficient tables human readable, DSS2: add some hackish FIR filter coefficient access