EvilDragon of the Pandora development team released a release client version of their sixth Hotfix pack for the Pandora.

Changes from Hotfix 6 Beta 1 to Hotfix 6 RC are:

* TV Out-fixed (NTSC Composite was broken), included TV Out Configuration tool from Caine
* PNDStore updated to latest version
* Included drivers for RTL8712/8188/8191/8192SU/8192CU WLAN Sticks. This has been done for the WiFi-Less-Pandoras sold with a WiFi Stick.
* Fixed Gigolo
* Some Lid-Closing / Power Saving-Bugs fixed
* Fixed issue that prevented unmounting of SD Cards in some cases
* pnd_run: restore the framebuffer status on PND exit. Hide $HOME into $REAL_HOME
* Increase Panel size so that the remaining battery time should now always stay below the %age.