Many of us are waiting for the Pandora… now there doesn’t seem to much work left.

This has been posted on the official Pandora page:


as everybody is waiting, I thought I’d post some status informations. I’ll keep them up-to-date here, so everybody knows what’s happening 🙂

* Get the final CNCed case (still waiting…)
* Wait until the mould of the keymat is finished
* Design the final keyboard layout
* Create mould of final case (can be done once the case fits)
* CE / FCC testing (can be done once the case is here)
* Mass Production testrun for the final boards
* Stability testing (this will be fun)
* Wait for the last remaining pieces for mass production (LATEST deadline is second week of March)
* Mass Production
* Test the boards

Please keep in mind that it also takes some time to ship.
It won’t help if the case if finished in China, it has to go to Michael and then to the CE / FCC testing company, etc.

Okay, some more info about the mass production:
We want to have a 48 burn-in test for the boards. The failure rate on the first boards depends on how many we’ll test!

In worst case, we have to test ALL boards, which will take a month – don’t worry however, as we can have weekly shipments of the already tested and working boards so the first guys who have ordered don’t have to wait so long.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope there won’t be many problems from now on!

Thanks to for the news.