Joey Forgues-Forget’s “PND_Utils” is a collection of various utilities/tools to be used on your Pandora.


This is a set of tools and os tweaks to give pnd a more ‘native’ feeling. For now, it include pqr ( and pnd_assoc. pqr is a script to launch the first (default) application from a pnd, it can either be used to call the path to the pnd directly, or a just the pnd name, the script will search it on the sd cards. pnd_assoc is a script that act as a bridge between the os file associations and the pnd system. Using it, one can link just about any mime type to any pnd. This package also include the presets i use for associations (in a separate install). as of now, only the video files have a prebuilt association with panplayer. So that if you open a movie in thunar, it will open using panplayer. (if it can find the pnd on your sds)