Did you know that you can customize PND applications you run by creating bash scripts which run before and after the application? Probably. But do you use these scripts a lot? Probably not. PNDconfig by dimag0g is supposed to make this powerful config option user-friendly. You can configure pre- and post-scripts by selecting actions to be performed from a list.


1. Added zram swap actions (enable/disable)
2. Added “configure nubs mode” action
3. Fixed “Restore default nubs mode” action (now uses nubs.state)
4. Added “Activate QJoyPad layout” action
5. Code fixes and cleanups:
.sh extensions for all script files
error checks
chmod a+x on generated scripts
-e to check for file presence
6. Added help file
7. Added system startup script configuration (in Custom script actions)
8. Added TV out enable/disable actions