PSX4Pandora makes its debut to the OpenPandora console! Thanks to ZodTTD ( ) for this! PSX4Pandora is a Playstation 1 (PSX) emulator, for those who don’t know.

Release notes:

Hi everyone,

With tons of pressure built up as Pandora’s are making their way to people here, I must be honest in saying I’ve been way behind in psx4pandora development. I have spent the past while working on it though.

While I chat, download the PND file (approval probably coming shortly for the appstore) here:

How to install:
1. Place the pnd in the SD card’s directory: /pandora/apps/
2. Stick the SD card in your Pandora and on the desktop you will see the psx4pandora app. Run it and choose EXIT with the B button.
3. Now that the appdata directory is created on your SD card at /pandora/appdata/psx4pandora-1/ copy the PSX BIOS file scph1001.bin (all lowercase!) and your games (BIN,IMG,ISO,Z) to that directory.
4. Run psx4pandora and choose to Load A Game. Note that loading without a BIOS isn’t supported currently. Play on.

What needs work:
1. The menu system! There’s a command line interface available though for a frontend if available.
2. Audio. I’m not buffering it properly. Will fix.

What may be broken:
1. Loading/Saving via memory cards. Let me know!
2. Loading/Saving via save states. Wouldn’t be surprised atm, but let me know. 😉
3. Frameskip causing flickering and odd graphic glitches. This is a known issue and is due to skipping the rendering of elements used in double buffering.

How to access the in-game menu: Press SPACE.

How to exit the app completely: My traditional press ABXY+L+R

How to press L2/R2 psx triggers: Press L/R on the Pandora then press SPACE. Will need a better solution.

Bring on the feedback and let’s get this polished up.