PSX4Pandora makes its debut to the OpenPandora console! Thanks to ZodTTD ( ) for this! PSX4Pandora is a Playstation 1 (PSX) emulator, for those who don’t know.

Release notes:

Updated psx4pandora build. Not on AppStore just yet, should be up soon.

– Added frame limiting and show FPS options. Frame limiting on by default.
– Improved sound syncing/output.
– Improved audio timings.
– Added mapping to Q / P keys for L2 / R2 triggers respectively.
– Removed accidental hardcoded 600MHz overclock setting in PND packaging.
– Faster? You tell me. 😉 Remember to mention overclock settings.

I couldn’t fix the fact it scales without aspect ratio in mind. This is due to using fbset which scaler desn’t seem to take into effect margins with -left -right. Will need to confirm that.

Try this build out. I really had fun with it with the games I tested.