This game recreates the engines of Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, Supaplex and Sokoban, and does so faithfully enough to be able to replay the original games. However, it doesn’t stop there. The game evolved enough to be able to use elements from all 4 games at the same time, use of custom behaviour elements and all sort of trickery that can turn the game in something completely different.

Thanks to this customizability, the game has spawned hundreds and hundreds of custom levels. Highlights include Snakebite, R’n’D jue special collection or the Zelda adventures. Also for the more purists, thousands of the original levels for the original Emerald Mine, Supaplex, Boulderdash and Sokoban are available, converting this game almost into an ultimate collection.

Release notes:

Unfortunately I use software scaling to fit the screen into the pandoras resulting in ugly aliasing. A OpenGL ES scaling will probably follow once I learn how to use it.

Final notes:
To put the extra levels, run the game once, search for a folder in its appdata folder called .rocksndiamonds/levels and drop everything there.
Finally, I really recommend do the tutorial, as it teaches all of the basic elements and its interactions as well as stuff like the tape recorder which comes handy to avoid replaying the same part over and over again (though it is slow to do so, overclocking will help here).
And yes, I love this game.,1,0,0,27,189