Snes9x4P is a port of Dingoo SNES9x to Pandora, derived from SNES9x4D Dingoo.


* Don’t quit the emulator when pressing the ‘q’ button on the Keyboard. Quiting now works using ‘Esc’ (fn+q) or via the menu.
* Completely reworked the menu (feedback welcome!).
* Added an option to toggle vsync to the menu. Beware that turning off vsync will remove the frame limiter and many games will run significantly too fast.
* Some rendering code cleanups leading to tiny (negligible!) speed improvements for the HW scaled modes as well as HiRes games when using 2×2 no-AA and the rom requires a width of 512px.
* Update of the README to list credits and point to the new repo at github.