Streets of Rage Remake is a remake of the side-scrolling beat ’em up series “Streets of Rage” originally released by Sega in 1991. Ported and packed for Pandora by milkshake and mcobit

Release notes:

+UPDATE 14/08/2011
+altered the PXML description of the PND to be smaller

This .pnd does not contain any data files, but a brief description of the game is below:

Packed with additional features not seen in the commercial release of the game, including firearms, multiple path choices, completely redrawn sprites, smoother gameplay, enhanced graphics and a completely reworked soundtrack.
Although the game is based mostly on Streets of Rage 2, it also contains several elements, enemies and environments from the original Streets of Rage, as well as Streets of Rage 3.
There are also unlockable bonus features, joypad support and a full options menu to customize the playing style of the game.

Brief How-To instructions.
1. Find SORRv5 somewhere (maybe something like SORRv5.part1.rar or SORRv5.part2.rar but I can’t help you there).
2. Place Contents of SORRv5 folder into appdata/SORR directory
3. Run the game 🙂 thats it.

Mcobit for helping me package this PND.
Dgame for providing basic instructions on how to run the game on the Pandora (non PND version).
Stuckie for porting Bennu to the Pandora.