Super Geometry Dust by wermy is a Geometry Wars / Super Star Dust HD mash-up for Pandora.

Super Geometry Dust - First Release


New features:
– Two new gameplay modes!
– Meteor Shower Mode: There are three structures on the sphere that you must protect from rocks, an invincible enemy well, and a whole lot of asteroids…
– Survival Mode: 3 of each bomb, one life, and zero super laser… How long can you last?
– New enemy: X-enemy. Takes a couple hits to kill, and moves very quickly…

– Fixed bug where high scores with an empty name entry would not be saved
– Fixed asteroid disappearing bug
– Fixed bug with bombs and asteroids… Bombs are *much* more effective against asteroids now.

– Laser shooting enemies are now treated as regular enemies, and can spawn in waves (but not circular waves around you. That just wouldn’t be fair…)
– Made it so successive enemy waves would never be of the same type
– Adjusted difficulty ramping (shouldn’t plateau as soon)
– Better-looking asteroid disappearing