Are you in need to update your Pandora to it’s recent OS version? You can do so with SuperZaxxon Offline Update by the OpenPandora Team. It updates any Pandora to the very latest OS version.


* FIX: OS updater: should now ask for reboot after kernel update
* FIX: OS updater: attempted to fix hang during update
* UPDATE: Config tray: added USB storage item (pmprog)
* FIX: Kernel: fixed potential crash on USB cable unplug
* UPDATE: Added DSP firmware and startup script to the main image, to be used by .pnds
* FIX: Kernel: another attempt to fix charging LED
* UPDATE: Kernel: added persistent_ram driver which preserves last kernel session log in /proc/last_kmsg (useful to debug kernel crashes, only works if unit is not powered down)
* FIX: Kernel: freed a few more MBs or RAM
* UPDATE: Kernel: wifi: added calibration NVS dump/load ability
* FIX: PNDstore updated to work on latest firmware (Tempel)
* UPDATE: sample DisplayLink/udlfb xorg.conf added (Takedown)
* FIX: Kernel: USB OTG related crash fix + driver tweaks