As usual we are lagging with the Pandora news 🙂 Here is another update from the official blog!


Yesterday, we were in for quite a surprise!

On Thursday, air traffic was back to a regular state – but delivery services (like UPS) have quite a backlog and need some time to catch up.
They told us, our shipment won’t arrive before early next week.

Therefore, Craig was quite surprised when he found a note left by UPS yesterday at his door that there had been a shipment for him – and that they left it to a neighbouring business.

And there he found it: The shipment from Texas. Lying around on the grass, visible for everyone – and nobody was really paying attention to it.
Quickly he delivered the packages to where they belong – and now everything is safe and sound. Still a scary thought that about half a million USD were lying around on the grass…

Anyways, that does mean: The boards, LCD, WiFi Antennas and some other minor things have arrived in the UK!

Now we need to wait for the cases. Those cases have been produced and painted, but as it looks like, UPS won’t pick them up until sometime next week (I guess they try to deliver the stalled shipments first and then start picking up new ones once their back in normal state).

As usual, we’ll let you know when UPS picked things up (well, if they tell us… as said, we didn’t know the boards would arrive yesterday ;))