TilEm is an emulator and debugger for Texas Instruments Z80-based graphing calculators.

It can emulate any of the following calculator models:

* TI-73 / TI-73 Explorer
* TI-76.fr
* TI-81
* TI-82
* TI-82 STATS / TI-82 STATS.fr
* TI-83
* TI-83 Plus / TI-83 Plus Silver Edition / TI-83 Plus.fr
* TI-84 Plus / TI-84 Plus Silver Edition / TI-84 pocket.fr
* TI-85
* TI-86

TilEm fully supports all known versions of the above calculators (as of 2012), and attempts to reproduce the behavior of the original calculator hardware as faithfully as possible.

In addition, TilEm can emulate the TI-Nspire’s virtual TI-84 Plus mode. This is currently experimental, and some programs may not work correctly.