UAE4ALL for the Pandora has been updated. UAE4ALL is a famous branch of UAE, an well known Amiga emulator. Needs to be optimized but runs tons of games fullspeed!


* Hires-mode is fixed now (again).
* Button (B ) is a shortcut to “more options” in main menu.
In mouse-mode (A) was “arrow right” and (B ) was “arrow left” – that’s corrected now ((A)=left, (B )=right)
* In mouse-mode (=pinball-mode) dpad left and dpad right fired LALT every frame (in quasi autofire-mode) when pressed causing annoying sound in Pinball Dreams/Fantasies – that’s fixed (LALT is now constantly pressed as long as you press dpad left or dpad right).
* Updated text in (UAE core => FAME/C and “Mouse mode = Pinball mode”).
* Mouse-pointer in Workbench was only half as wide as before and could only be moved in the left half of the screen.
Using the changes from smoku’s commit “Removed misported sprite collision handling” fixed this again.
Also Pinball Fantasies’ menu wasn’t displayed correctly before (some gfx on the left were missing) which was also fixed by this.,0,0,0,72,74