UAE4ALL for the Pandora has been updated. UAE4ALL is a famous branch of UAE, an well known Amiga emulator. It’s very compatible and runs many games!


* Floppy drive speeds 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x selectable now (the faster the less compatible though)
* Save per game config works now (depends on filename in DF0:)
* Save General config & Save Game config updated with the new menu options
* Added shortcuts: L-trigger + , (comma) = leftclick, L-trigger + . (period) = rightclick
* Stylus mode: dpad up = simultaneous left+right click (Cannon Fodder grenades)
* No frameskip is default now
* Screen movement changed to: L+R+dpad (used to be L+dpad)
* Screen positioning gets saved and restored by “save general config” and “save per game config”
* Virtual keyboard open/close: L+K key
* “Eject all drives” doesn’t leave menu anymore
* Joystick mode: (Y) button = SPACE
* Joystick mode: L-trigger = ALT
* Joystick-mode: L+dpad: mouse movement
* Joystick mode: L+(A)=left click, L+(B ) =right click
* Joystick mode: R+dpad: arrow keys
* Joystick mode: R+(Y) = toggle autofire on/off
* Joystick mode: R+(A)=CTRL, R+(X)=HELP, R+(B )=Num ENTER
* Stylus mode: Stylus adjustment is now L+dpad (was R+dpad before)