UAE4ALL for the Pandora has been updated. UAE4ALL is a famous branch of UAE, an well known Amiga emulator. It’s very compatible and runs many games!


* Added Chip Mem 512kB/1MB/2MB and Bogo Mem 0/512kB/1MB selectable now
* Added Pandora CPU speed can be set in the GUI now
* Added Memory & CPU speed settings can be saved/restored “per game” and “general”
* Added last used directory for diskload-menu(s) gets saved & restored
* Added 20 blank ADFs for saving games (where supported) in cyclone core
* R-trigger + (Y) is now autofire on/off also in Custom controls mode
* L-trigger is now only in mouse/pinball control mode mapped to left ALT
* Refresh rate 50Hz/60Hz is selected in the GUI now (not prior to starting the emulator)
* Bugfix: screen-positioning gets saved/restored correctly again
* Bugfix: Dpad isn’t mapped to joystick anymore in custom controls “custom dpad” mode