UAE4ALL for the Pandora has been updated. UAE4ALL is a famous branch of UAE, an well known Amiga emulator. It’s very compatible and runs many games!


AGA/OCS/ECS, 68020 and 68000 emulation, harddisk-support, WHDLoad-support, Chip/Slow/Fast-mem settings, savestates, vsync, most games run fullspeed at 600 MHz with no frameskip, smooth 50Hz scrolling, custom controls, custom screenmodes, screen positioning, heavy/medium/light manual autofire, nub mouse input, support for stylus input


– New configuration manager: load/save/delete configurations (useful for different configurations for one HD or own presets) (thanks to lubomyr)
– Eject-button for every floppy drive
– Performance enhancements: my reference demo (AGA, M6820 at 28MHz) runs now with full speed without frameskip and no overclock on 1GHz Pandora
– Improved compatibility
– AROS as kickstart replacement supported.
Lot of games and demos are working with this replacement and we can distribute a copy of the files with UAE4All (current version already included in PND).
Note: AROS needs at least 1MB chip and 1 MB fast RAM.
– Bugfix: screensize adjusted to correct values (was broken in new GUI)
– Changed size of scrollbar in DropDown controls