UAE4ARM is a fast and optimized Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 Emulator for OpenPandora. This project is maintained by TomB.

Main differences to UAE4ALL:
– Different 68000 core (newcpu instead of FAME/C) with support for 32 bit addressing mode
– Support for 68030 and 68040 cpus
– FPU (68881, 68882 and internal 68040)
– Autodetect Amiga ROMs
– Up to 5 HDDs
– Lot of new audio options
– Picasso96


– Performance improvement in JIT
– Faster HAM decoding
– Faster sprite drawing in AGA
– Left + right shoulder + r: switch lores/hires
– CD32 support
– Added CD32 buttons to custom control mapping
– CD32: support for FLAC and MP3 (Audio stutters at start because of high cpu usage for decoding.
Use frameskip or overclocking to avoid this. We need a second cpu core…)
– New inputdevice handling
– Built-in configurations for Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 and CD32
– JIT: fixed code for non ARMv6T2 CPUs (not relevant for Pandora)
– Avoid audio delays in some games/demos
– Automatic switch of freshrate for programmed NTSC/PAL mode change
– Bugfix in JIT which sometimes caused seg faults when enter gui
– Savestates enabled for HD and CD configurations (maybe unstable)
– Optimized with profiler
– Added option “waiting blits” from WinUAE
– Border sprites (tested with Speris Legacy)
– CPU fastest: automatic timing adjust to reduce stutter