UAE4ARM is a fast and optimized Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 Emulator for OpenPandora. This project is maintained by TomB.


– Merged lot of changes from WinUAE 3.5.0
– Added panel “Quickstart”
– Fixed bug when first click in popup window was ignored
– Support for more compression formats: xz, fdi
– Support for disk write protect
– Support for HD write protect
– Support for Action Replay
– Support for A600/A1200/A4000 IDE controller
– Support for Superhires
– Support for A4000 motherboard/processorboard RAM
– Support for CD32 fmv module
– Better handling of cpu fastest possible (less frameskips and less audio hickups)
– Fixed loading new config (now using same method like WinUAE)
– Display message instead of crash in some situations
– More cleanup of threads/pipes/mutex
– Fixed possible segfault and bus error on two locations
– Now using gcc 7.2 with profiler
– Added help page for every panel in GUI (Help button or F1)