Pickle got access to the closed source code of Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV (PC version) and made a Pandora port. Although the Pandora gets a great game don’t forget to obtain the official PC game, as you’ll require it’s data files.

VVVVVV Gameplay Video

Release notes:

VVVVVV PC versions come with a folder called data, this folder should be copied to the appdata folder which should be something like /media/mysdcard/pandora/appdata/vvvvvv

Either create the folder or run the pnd once, then copy the data over. Once the data is present you should just need to run the game.

Note: Previous users dont need to change anything, just get the pnd and play.

Home/Pageup are mapped to Action
End/Pagedown are mapped to Enter (map)

Edit: current pnd has a bug with the hidden folder .vvvvvv, either wait for the updated pnd or create this folder yourself in the appdata folder.