News from the Pandora front by EvilDragon!


It already has more content than the old one – and we really do hope you like it!

As we’re nearing release, we thought we could revamp it a bit – it should make it easier for newcomers to find out what the Pandora is.

We also added status page, which had been a request for months by a lot of people.

There will be more content added during the next weeks, new pictures, articles, infos, etc.

Just stay tuned, there’s still a lot of work to be done here.

Now, you’re also waiting for some official development news, right?

Well, as you’ve seen on the last blog post, the prototype TV Out cables and the first mass produced boards have arrived at Michaels place. And guess what: We haven’t encountered any problems so far with those! So the boards and the cables have already become a reality. Yay!

Now the only thing we need to wait for are the cases. The mould is still in production – the Pandora apparently is more complex than the company at first thought. They try to finish it before the Chinese Autumn Holidays (which are in October), let’s all hope they manage to do this. We’ll keep you informed. We’re also still trying to get WIP pictures from the mould creation. Would certainly look interesting!

Recently, I’ve seen a quite a few threads on the boards which were about “how long are you still gonna wait” or other disappointments about the long delays or the currently quiet time without any updates…

Well, I know it’s hard – but there’s not much we can update at the moment. Everything is finished except for the case mould, and all we can do is wait until the company finishes it. Once they finish it, it’s just a matter of days until we have the first REAL final Pandoras in our hands – and then the real fun begins: Mass production. And no, I don’t think it will be two months ™ until the mass production starts… it could start a few days after we have the first real Pandora… and that should be the case within the next weeks!

And as some guy asked at the boards how we handle the situation… well, I can only speak for myself, but I have really mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I’m happy that we have a community like you, following our progress and waiting sooooo patiently. On the other hand, I feel bad because we had so many delays and have your money… then again, I see that the only tiny thing missing is the case, which should also be finished soon, which makes me happy, as it means there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

For me, it’s a real rollercoaster ride. And while I’m eagerly awaiting putting this project behind me, I think I’ll also miss something when we delivered it. Really weird feelings.
I hope that does answer your questions 🙂

See you soon!