Yoshis Pandora Emu Pack and Fact Sheets contains SD card ready PNDs and fact sheets for many emulators.

Emulators included and ready to use:

Dega 1.16-4 (SMS)
DOSBox 0.74 (PC)
GnGeo 0.8.3 (Neo Geo)
GnuBoy 1.0.5 (GBC)
gpFCE 0.4 (NES)
gpFCE-GP2X 0.4 (NES)
gpSP (GBA)
Handy 0.5b (Atari Lynx)
HuGo 1.1.0 (PC Engine)
MAME4ALL 2.5b7 (Arcade)
Mednafen r3 (Neo Geo Pocket/PC Engine/Others)
Mupen64plus 1.5.r20110615.2 (N64)
PicoDrive (SMD)
PocketSNES 6.5.0 (SNES)
RACE 1.0b3 (Neo Geo Pocket)
Snes9x4P v20110310 (SNES)
UAE4ALL v1.1.1.19 (Amiga)