Usually I do not misuse my status as webmaster to point at companies who obviously have a massive problem, but Pearl Germany managed to enrage me that much, that I want to warn others.

All started out when I bought two german computer magazines which had advertisements of Pearl’s new “XP-25” smartphone, which they do offer in cooperation with SimValley. The specs and the price are pretty much amazing and everything looked like a good deal. It was also the perfect chance to get my hands on a PPC and try out some of the programs I always post about. In particular the XP-25 is a cloned I-Mate 101 anyway…

I’ve ordered the XP-25 on 5th August along with a 2GB memory card. One week before start of September I called the hotline and asked where my already paid smartphone is. The service center lady talked about massive problems due to the fact that they were just hammered with orders and did not count with it in the beginning.

Okay… that can happen, even in the best company.

I pointed out that I am going on vacation on 4th September and therefore would like to have my phone as soon as possible. Of course no promise has been made. In particular she said we will get a bunch of XP-25 in the next 5 working days and things will be sent out by first come first serve concept.

Two days later I got an email with a pretty hughe explanation why there are delivery problems and how they are going to solve it. Pretty much it was putting you into the “waiting position” again with vague information and no fixed date set again.

I’ve responded to this email and explained my situation again. I am off for almost three months, the money is paid and I want to have that item. I also asked if there is the possibilty to exchange the given adress to my vacation adress – Up to this day, I do not have an answer.

Today I called the hotline again. The guy was not really what you would call friendly – anyway. The result of the discussion as follows:

– A given adress can not be changed once it’s in their system. If you want to have your item delivered to a new adress, the current order must be deleted and a new one must be given, which results in NEW waiting time.
– A parcel with the 2GB SD card has been sent out, but without the ordered smartphone. I wonder why they did not send that SD card at least three weeks ago. I’d like to have seen everything together in one parcel
– I’ve been advised to deny taking the parcel and he can delete my order for the XP-25 too – tho I never even mentioned that I don’t want to have it.
– According to the information I got on the phone I have to wait three to four more weeks!!! (if that is true at all and not beeing extended over and over again)
– As I’m away and things need to be claimed within seven days I asked him what to do. He responded that they will be fair and I can mention any problems even after this limitation. When I asked him to put a note into the system so I wont get any troubles, he said that this is not possible. Everyone with basic trading skills know, that a spoken word is absolutly nothing worth.
– The partitial good delivery mail said that I do have an open account of 12,90 EUR, but everything has been paid together and in advance. The “friendly” guy said he does not have access to information, why this amount is declared as not paid in the email.
– I told the guy that this is the first and last order I am doing with Pearl, he pretty much was angry and dropped the call in a rude way with a short “Aufwiedersehen” (goodbye).

I’ve found a webboard and the guys there have similar problems, see here:

Pearl simply can not handle the run for the XP-25 and people need to wait and wait for their paid goods! The costumer service lags, does not respond or is rude

To be honest I can buy a SD card in every shitty corner and do not need Pearl for this. Probably they even do not have people who can count one and one togher, that the SD card is an item which just makes sense delivered together with the smartphone…

It was for sure my first and last order from Pearl and I encourage everyone to think twice, where to order.

PS: I’ve contacted Pearl’s press department so they have a chance to answer. Any possible answer will be published directly in this newspost.