As all you know, in the latest builds of WM 6.5.x the position of start (Win) and close (X) buttons have changed from the task bar (on top of the screen) to the menu bar (bottom of the screen). Therefore, all the applications that modifiy the behaviour of this buttons do not work anymore.

AMeBa (Adapting Menu Bar) for WM6.5.x is a little application to customize the default behaviour of those buttons.


– Run as service.
– Tap on close button: customizable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaCloseTapAction.
– Tap&Hold on close button: customizable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaCloseHoldAction.
– Tap on start button: customizable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaStartTapAction.
– Tap&Hold on start button: customizable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaStartHoldAction.
– Posible values for close actions (CloseTapAction and CloseHoldAction):
* 0 = None: no action is done
* 1 = Default: default wm action (minimize app)
* 2 = Run App: launch a program (configurable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaCloseTapRun or HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaCloseHoldRun) with arguments (configurable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaCloseTapRunArguments or HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaCloseHoldRunArguments)
* 3 = Close: close the current app
– Posible values for start actions (StartTapAction and StartHoldAction):
* 0 = None: no action is done
* 1 = Default: default wm action (launch default honeycomb menu)
* 2 = Run App: launch a program (configurable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaStartTapRun or HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaStartHoldRun) with arguments (configurable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaStartTapRunArguments or HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaStartHoldRunArguments)
* 3 = QuickMenu: show QuickMenu menu (faster than runing QuickMenu.exe)
– Use HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaShowHoldAnimation to show (value 1) or not (value) tap and hold animation.
– Haptic feedback (not tested): customizable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaVibration. Posible values:
* 0 = None: no vibration at all
* 1 = During: vibration activated while taping (until releasing)
* 2 = End: vibration at the end of Tap or Tap&Hold (duration configurable on HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaTapVibrationTime or HKCUSoftwarexTepAMeBaHoldVibrationTime, set to 0 to disable one of them)


– Bugs solved:
* Manila weather animation does not work (reported first by j-a-c-k)