BarcodeZilla is a Zxing based barcode decoding application which is enabled for product recognition (mainly intended for EAN-8 / EAN-13 and UPC barcodes) that will display information the origin country of the product and allows to download product information (if available) and to edit and upload product and price information for your country as well using a WCF webservice.

Actually the online database is still quite empty as the author been the only one to use it during the last days (it contains a few switzerland products) but he is sure that it can grow very quickly if everybody plays the game and uploads some products.


Some modifications to database structure (your data should be on the server)
Upgraded Web Services on server
Support retrieving prices from Ebay
Amazon data / images aren’t persistant anymore and removed from cache after 3 hours (in order to fulfill with amazon requirements)
Audio CD are correctly handled
New web based interface (read only actually) :