A new public release of BeyondPod – Free, Open source RSS feed reader and podcatcher – is available.


There is now a way to view a summary of all “unread” items across all feeds in a given category. This “category overview” is available using the “What is New…” menu item from the Feeds Menu. As there could possibly be a large number of unread items across the feeds, there is a new setting in “Feed properties” to limit the number of unread items for a given feed that show in “What is New…”
There is now a way to add all new podcasts to the podcast download history for a feed. (There is a link for that in the feed properties). Adding the podcasts to the download history will cause BeyondPod to assume that all podcasts were already downloaded, without having to actually download them
Changed the functions of left and right D-pad keys in the “Feeds” and “Podcasts” views. Left key now always navigates to the built in player (if there is anything to play) and the right key navigates to the last feed content view. There are also dedicated “Go to Player” menu items in both views
When generating unique feed names, instead of PCXXXXX.MP3, the file name pattern is now XXXXX.MP3. This makes the podcast file name a bit more predictable and also by changing the feed name, it gives you some a control over the podcast name.
Removed the “Beep” indicating “end of the playback” as it was very loud on some devices.
Added settings to start automatic updates on Application Startup and on Opening of a feed
Added a link to Launch the BeyondShcheudler from within BeyondPod. BeyondScheduler is a companion application used to schedule various tasks such as Bluetooth On/Off and Wi-Fi On/Off (on some HTC made devices) to be executed at predefined time. BeyondPod also internally relies on the BeyondScheduler for its own scheduled updates.
Added support for password protected feeds. You can now enter username/password in the feed properties
Added a global setting that allows you to hide the “Read” feed items in Content View. A nice side effect of hiding the “Read” items is that the feeds render faster because the number of items is (much) smaller. This setting can be found in Menu-> Tools-> Settings->Feed Content Settings

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=405172