“Call Firewall and SMS Blocker” for WM5/WM6 Pocket PC & SmartPhone, basically rejects unwanted calls.


a. Accecpt all calls – pretty self explainatory
b. Accept call from My Contacts only – accepts calls from contacts only, others are rejected
c. Reject all calls – pretty self explainatory
d. White List – accepts calls only from the white listed nos
e. Black List – accepts all call except from the black listed nos f. Black List Pattern – any no STARTING from the black list pattern list is rejected. for eg. if you enter “123”, so all nos STARTING from “123” will be rejected this is a very nice option with which you can block nos from any particular network, country, city , area or whatever you can think of.
f. There is also an option to reply with an SMS.


1. Selective Call Barring.
Now you can restrict selected outgoing calls.
2. Add outgoing calls as Appointments.