This is an amazing utility which helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time.

Release notes:

Version 1.7.0 – Windows Mobile 6.5 compatibility + New feature: Display Today Screen When Finished – Force display today screen when clean-up finished + New registry value (LangFolder) added that help you to define the default language folder. examples: if the file “htcAddicts_cleanRAM_Config.exe” and the language files are on the same folder you should need to clean this value (LangFolder=””) and if the language files is on the folder with another name like: “Lang2”, you need just edit the value to the right name. notice, you can’t use “” symbol. + Fixed bugs reported by the users community + New strings for language file added + Languages files added to cab file (last update: 28.08.09)