FEWidgets are Omnia like widgets for Windows Mobile devices.


– [Fixed] If S2P is not installed, the widget will rise an exception instead of not working silently.
– [Fixed] Sometimes the contact widget would throw FormatException.
– [Fixed] Switching pages too fast would result on the page not being changed but the number changes anyway.
– [Fixed] Sometimes after changing pages too fast the application would stop responding (you feel the haptic feedback but nothing happens).
– Widget Bar status is now preserved when app starts.
– Contact and shortcut images can now be selected when the widgets are set to “Allow custom Images” (on config).
– fixed bug of call pad position when scaling for VGA/WVGA.
– Mortscript files now show on the file list of the shortcut widget.
– Now a widget can ignore auto scaling. (for example if it does scaling itself)
– Background picture/swf change now is smoother (white background is no longer displayed.
– Background picture now scales if it’s smaller than screen.
– Call panel now provides haptic feedback.
– Now when the SMS widget is dragged onto the bar it will not show. If it’s closed using the X button it will remember it’s position for the next time and open automatically.