This tool will automatically install and configure everything you need to run your Opera with Flash support. With other words: No need to install Flash Lite… Yes, just Plug&Flash!

Tested and working with:

Opera 9.5 builds:
1522, 1938, 1957, 2392, 15233, 15529, 15613, 15746, 15750, 16070, 16277, 16643, 16702, 16844, 16983, 17518
Opera 9.7 builds:
beta1 (without Turbo Speed)


Flash Library version
added flash7 player for compatibility
added Language list box (Safe Mode dependent)
added variable inside fixOperaFlash.ini file
added Disk Cache size picker (up to 20MB)
added Elf, Elfin, Hermes, Max4G devices