This tool will automatically install and configure everything you need to run your Opera with Flash support. With other words: No need to install Flash Lite… Yes, just Plug&Flash!

Tested and working with:

Opera 9.5 builds:
1522, 1938, 1957, 2392, 15233, 15529, 15613, 15746, 15750, 16070, 16277, 16643, 16702, 16844, 16983, 17518, 17658, 17775
Opera 9.7 builds:
35166, 35267, 35393, 35432, 35443


Flash Library package version
added more supported devices (iPAQ hx4700 will never be between them)
added File -> View -> override_download.ini, errors.log and fixOperaFlash.log
added soft reset dialog after Push Internet state changed
changed name of the “INI” tab to “FIX”, to be more accurate with newest Opera 9.7
changed name of “Patch” button to “Fix it!”, to be more accurate with tab name
added Zoom Slider bar fix (thanks to Riekr)
fixed Push Internet toggle menu
fixed crash bug, when trying to patch if some ini key is divided on two rows (thanks to homeward)