G-Alarm is an alarm clock with a special mechanism to wake you up. Before the alarm clock stops you need to guide a ball through a labyrinth.


– [ADDED] Option: “Save power during snooze time” Uncheck this if the phone doesn’t wake up after snooze time
– [FIXED] Displays time in the correct time format (24 hours vs. 12 hours)
– [UPDATED] Alternative playback mode is now the standard mode and recommended to use on WM6 (and above) devices because it has better performance. Make sure, “Alternative playback mode” is unchecked now in the options
– [FIXED] You can now switch off the screen after testing an alarm
– [FIXED] Better start mechanism – G-Alarm wakes up Windows Mobile hopefully on any device
– [UPDATED] If option “Save power during snooze time” is set: device goes directly to sleep after clicking “Snooze”
– [ADDED] Show time when maze is displayed
– [UPDATED] Better support for S2U2 – hopefully for ThrottleLock as well…