G-Alarm is an alarm clock with a special mechanism to wake you up. Before the alarm clock stops you need to guide a ball through a labyrinth.


[UPDATED] Languages: hungarian
[ADDED] Options: Display next alarm in S2U2/TF3D/Manila2D and others
[ADDED] Option: Turn off display after x seconds
[UPDATED] Option: Turn off display during snoozing should now work on every device
[UPDATED] Volume-change routine: After an alarm the volume should be resetted to the original value on every device now
[ADDED] Control the ball with your finger, tilt sensor and new: d-pad
[ADDED] Better support for TF3D/Manila2D (and others): The days of the alarm is now set correctly
[ADDED] More patterns for an alarm (Create an alarm which is only played every x-th week)
[ADDED] Option: Automatic snooze after x seconds
[ADDED] Context menu for the playlist: “Clear playlist”
[ADDED] Show information about the translator
[ADDED] Today plugin: show up/down arrows only if there is more than one alarm
[ADDED] Clean uninstallation routines
[UPDATED] Lots of code improvements
[ADDED] Languages added: hungarian, arabic, turkish and japanese

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=422362