GeoTerrestrial GPSToday offers a mind-boggling array of intuitively accessible features hidden behind a unique and clever interface.

GPSToday installs as a today-screen plugin on your Windows Mobile internet-enabled device. At the most basic level, it keeps your GPS hardware primed whenever you need it. But that is only for starters. In general, it will significantly enhance the utility you derive from your device. Check the home page for a (nearly) full list.


Now quickly and easily set the desired fix interval without leaving the today screen!
Mph vs. Kph, Feet Vs. Meters
Allows disabling display of closest contact on today screen
Detects scrollbar on the today screen to prevent map button from getting obscured
Better handling of addresses with suite/apt numbers
Show company name if contact name is blank
Faster address book processing
And numerous other minor fixes/enhancements