Google Visual Voicemail is a semi-offline client for Google voice. You can view and play your voice messages as well as mark them read/unread and delete them. When updating, message text is downloaded to a local cache that can be viewed at any time. Audio is downloaded the first time you click play and is stored for future use. You must update manually by going to menu->update. Automatic voicemail checking is being worked on, keep an eye on the NEW section.


Upgraded to SenseSDK 1.38
This should fix all the transcript sizing issues. If yours doesn’t look right let me know.

New SMS Form
Create new SMS’s and reply to your messages via the same form.
Support adding one time numbers and picking from contacts.

Audio redirected to handset
Load Speaker/Handset Speaker switching is handled by DynRIL by Teksoft and may have is own issues or restrictions.
This is very experimental!
I know it talks to the audio driver so not all hardware may be supported! This has been tested as working on my TP2.
I know it doesn’t like to redirect when there is audio playing, especially to the handset. So if you have wmp in the background playing, it may not work.
I’ve also had some trouble doing handset->speaker->handset, the issue usually corrects itself if you pause message playback manually, toggle the setting, and resume the message.

Dialer item names guaranteed to be unique, again. *Fist shake at self*
Better threading support for SMS. The thread is no longer treated as one transcript.