GPS Info is a customizable Basic GPS info program.


While working on my Golf GPS program, I ran into some users not being able to use it due to the fact that they couldn’t get the Windows Intermediate Driver to work. A long time ago, I wrote my own GPS library to work directly with the GPS reciever via COM ports. I tried to fiddle with that old code, but came across OpenNETCF’s GPS library, and it is much nicer than what I had wrote. This program uses both, the Windows Driver, and OpenNETCF’s library, so if you have a GPS device, and a Windows Mobile Device, this should work. I wanted a simple program to test it out on, instead of releaseing the golf program with it which could introduce bugs. If you can’t get the Golf program to work, try this piece and see if it works. If so, you are in luck as the next release of GolfGPS will include the new GPS interface.

This is still a pretty fun little program with ton’s of settings and customizations. Have fun with it, and please let me know if you have any issues with it.