iContact Avian Edition is a branch of iContact, specifically branched from iContact Burt Edition, after Burt ceased development. In case you haven’t heard of it before, iContact is a replacement contacts manager with many finger friendly features.

iContact is designed to be an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.

Release notes:

– REALLY fixed bug where if you leave the iContact window while dragging using the windows task bar, the scrolling freezes (or in some cases, goes crazy) until clicked in again 😀
– Email account is now set to ActiveSync by default
– Clicking on areas that have no actionable possibility or pressing a hardware key that is not assigned would exit out of the item details; I disabled that; It seems more natural to me to have to explicitly press the “back” button on screen or press “left” on the keypad
– Link to Pocket Outlook’s contacts added to program files folder (same as old installer)
– When stopping a fast scroll by pressing on the screen quickly, residual graphics artifacts (such as the top alphabet indicator) will no longer “stick”
– When stopping a quick/long finger movement by holding your finger still for a moment, iContact will no longer initiate a kinetic scroll; in high resolution devices this was common because moving a single pixel when lifting your finger is very easy to do (see new setting below)
– New setting: SpeedThresh = Minimal mouse speed over Y axis to initiate kinetic scrolling, in pixels/(sec/10) <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. The formula is "number of pixels that must be scrolled in one tenth of a second" - Fixed bug where long-tap duration in the settings was not being used except for drawing the progress bar (long-tap action was using a hard-wired value of one second no matter what you set it to) - When you are in a list with no categories or a single category (such as favorites), if you hold down the d-pad to scroll, it will no longer jump to the start or end after a few seconds, it will instead continue to scroll one by one; scrolling in lists with categories (like the alphabetized main contacts list) will skip through each letter if the d-pad is held down, as before - Config version now matches (and will continue to match) iContact AE version, even if config did not change between versions. - The letter overlay is no longer shown when scrolling with the d-pad (since you can only move one item at a time and its slower than finger scrolling, it didn't really make sense to me to have it shown) - The group title no longer obscures the contact when scrolling with the d-pad - When your key repeat rate is set to a faster-than-normal speed, sometimes the d-pad scrolling wouldn't catch up with the actual selected item; this is fixed - Category jumping (using the d-pad) is now a smooth (but fast) animation (user configurable speed, see below), instead of an instant jump (if you liked the instant jump, set the speed to 0) - New setting: ScrollJumpTime = animation speed for category jumping (above) <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - Setup: QVGA/VGA is now a user selectable setting during install if you do not keep previous settings.ini (yes, I know I need to make a better dialog box than YES/NO) - Setup: Can now optionally select whether iContact AE becomes the default contacts manager in WM (this does not affect TouchFlo) - Setup: Fixed misc typos