iContact Avian Edition is a branch of iContact, specifically branched from iContact Burt Edition, after Burt ceased development. In case you haven’t heard of it before, iContact is a replacement contacts manager with many finger friendly features.

iContact is designed to be an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.

Release notes:

– Fixed the “bounce back” problem when using the virtual side scroll bar. Previously if you let go while your finger was in the main area of the screen (instead of the right side), the kinetic scrolling would engage and “bounce” the scrolling in the opposite direction you were going at whatever speed your finger was moving.
– Added dutch.lng; thanks to Peter73NL < – If anybody can make a dutch.clng for the config app, that'd be awesome. Note the new features introduced in 7.0.4. - Fixed bug where press+hold indicator will go into the category title bar, above the selected contact. - Skin behavior change: secondary text now paints using the selection color when an item is hovered. For example, in the call history, it was sometimes hard to read the call time when an item was selected due to it not changing to the brighter selected color. - When the kinetic "bounce" happens, the group letter is no longer displayed (seemed redundant). - Fixed a bug where when you did T9 search and then minimized the soft keypad, sometimes the screen wouldn't refresh correctly. - New setting: ShowVersionInfo = Show the version information of iContact on an empty screen or short list < – Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - If an app is forcing the SIP button to be visible (Pocket Player is notorious for this behavior), iContact AE will now forcefully hide the SIP and SIP button each time it's window is activated. Previously, the SIP button (and sometimes the SIP itself) would cover up part of the screen. - Setup: The setup cab is more intelligent now. It will detect when you are upgrading and won't ask redundant questions during installation or uninstallation. Note that most of these features won't be realized until 7.0.6 since 7.0.5 will use 7.0.4's uninstaller while upgrading. - New setting: ShowDialingNumberSuffix = Show the dialing number's type as a suffix (such as h, w, w2, m, etc.) < – Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - Dialing number suffices are set to English by default, but you can change them in the .lng language files. See the english.lng file for examples. The values used in english.lng are the same as in the built-in contacts manager in Pocket Outlook. - Configuration app now correctly shows the default setting when the new Avian settings are missing from your .ini (not implemented for older settings yet) - Default setting for SpeedThresh has been changed: 5 for QVGA and 10 for VGA. This seems to be more optimal. You must manually change this if you keep your settings from version to version