iContact v0.6 is out.

Release notes:

Hi everyone.

I think it’s the right time to open a new thread for iContact. Version 0.6 and it’s source code are out. New in 0.6 are:

simple favorites management. Sliding a contact from left to right brings a plus sign. It’s a little tricky at first, but i got used to it. Tapping on the plus sign tags a contact as favorite. If the contact is already favorite, you can unfavorite it (does that word exist?
Pushing “Right” on the D-pad brings the favorites window. Pushing “Left” brings “all contacts” window.

“mobile” and “work” numbers have “sms” option. Tapping it will bring new sms window.

“email” option works if you have configured email account, and have it entered in iContact settings file.

D-pad navigation is fully supported in contact details. Left key brings you back to contact list, while Right key brings you “new sms dialog” if currently selected number has sms option.

settings.ini file has been added. It must reside in the same directory as iContact.exe. You can setup your email account in there and you can also setup strings used throughout the app (“mobile”, “sms”, “ABC” etc …)

other small fixes

There will probably be bugs, as always. However, this time I’ve included the source code. I encourage anyone interested and skilled to use the source code. It’s in best interest for the whole community if iContact continues to evolve. And even faster than it has until now.

I know the code is the mess, so i don’t need to be reminded of that fact X).

Other reason for releasing source code is that i really have no free time to develop this app. I’m looking forward to see how this app will evolve in hands of skilled programmers. iContact satisfies MY needs, and more, but i realize there are people that have different needs. So, go ahead, grab the source and good luck.

The source code released doesn’t have a specific license attached. However, I’d suggest anyone who will use it to consider returning something to the community. That is something that makes a good community that good.

Thank you all for you support and comments. I hope this is best for community.

Take care,