Manage your contacts with iContact…


– New menues for Contact Item Details and for Call Log Item Details
– New skin format, now including menues for Contact Item Details and for Call Log Item Details
– Call History items now have picture indicator of Missed/Incoming/Outgoing call for All Calls mode
– Outlook Categories are now supported trough Favorites tab. A list of available categories appears by a click on Favorites button while in Favorites tab.
– New contact can be created directly from Call History item, open Call History and press Add button in the bottom menu
– Transitions now based on time, which makes them more smooth (thanks to supbro)
– Scroll performance increased
– Many customizations of graphics added in Skin file, including fonts and sizes. You can try to create VGA skins now
– OpenIn option added, allowing to start in specified tab. Values: 0 – Favorites, 1 – Call History, 2 – Contacts (default)
– Fixed keypad scroll in Details Mode
– Contact list and Favorites are cached now, so it takes less time to switch between tabs. Still, lists are reloaded each time you view, modify or delete a contact. You can disable caching with EnableListCaching=0 in settings.
– ExitOnAction wrong behaviour fixed
– Letter Indicator redraw problems fixed
– Displayed text is clipped now, so long caller name will not overlap called time, etc.
– Titlebar now supports Battery skin property (thanks to supbro)
– Configurator now correctly saves fields from fields.dat which are missing in settings.ini