Manage your contacts with iContact…


Added contact pictures!
Sped up program start time
Revamped contact details screen and call log details screen
Added button for contact summary, (and therefore ability to delete)
Added more contact details: fax, pager, car phone, radio phone, assistant phone, company phone, url
Added auto-detection of email account name
Added incoming/outgoing/missed indicator in call logs
Smoothen-ified scrolling for slower phones, thanks truburt!
Added link to “Outlook Contacts” to start menu, thanks l3v5y
Added seperate skin setting for battery, “TitlebarBattery”
Made dates and times obey the locale format
Added Header bar to program, and to skin
Fixed program exit when clicking empty space in contact details
Added more error handling code
Fixed startup error message that occurred on some WM6.0 phones